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Audio Lessons For Equestrians

Create Connection, Unity, Partnership And Understanding.

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Audio Lessons help you with your riding position, training abilities, timing and feel...
WHILE increasing the partnership, bond, and relationship you have with your horse...

We know you have a desire to have success in each and every ride….

AND we are here to make that happen! So, it’s with great pleasure that I introduce you to:

Your fast track to mastering your horsemanship FAST and EASY like NEVER before!

What makes this ENTIRELY NEW and DIFFERENT?! And why does it work? Let me show you!

1.) Watch The Video


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No matter your skill level...Audio Lessons Transform Your Ride...
Where imaginative visualizations guide you...
...and questioning is utilized... keeping you in a feeling state, both in self-discovery AND in learning more about your horse.
When You Take Actionable step-by-step, nut and bolt Audio Lessons, you create success after success for you and your horse!
Jack and Paula Curtis give you exclusive, easy to follow, systematic methods.
Experts that have been training and coaching multiple disciplines in the equestrian industry for Since 1994.

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#3) Listen to The Audio Lesson

If you want to MASTER Amazing Horsemanship Skills...
AND Do It FAST and EASY like NEVER before
AUDIO LESSONS are the ONLY answer!
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Bonus Product... The Library!!

Go to the library for inspiration, or to look for a specific topic. The library has videos, audio lessons, and printouts.


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FROM: Jack And Paula Curtis
SUBJECT: Were On A Mission
Have you ever felt handcuffed or frustrated with hours of wasted time (and $$) watching training videos, attending clinics, and taking lessons... 
Still Without the tools you need to create the ride you envision…OR  leaving you hopeless, not even knowing where to start?!
Well, after starting professionally back in 1994, Jack and I (Paula) have been helping create quality relationships between students and their horses all around the country ever since…
We realized sometimes we were teaching the same lesson to the same student multiple times...
They had trouble repeating what was done in the lesson on their own...
The REAL Question is This!? Why Could they do it so well in the lesson, but not on their own?

WHY with so many online training sites, free videos on YouTube, lessons, clinics, and thousands of books on the subject… WHY isn’t everyone a master at riding and training already?

Well, here’s what we’ve learned…
AND what has led us on OUR MISSION to help you and thousands of others. HORSES TOO!
#1) Learning Horsemanship is kind of like learning a new language…
#2) While many people share horse training videos on YouTube… it doesn’t mean they’re experts or experienced educators with a system… Nor does it mean they actually care about your success… 
#3) Most training sites offer lengthy, video courses with no rhyme or reason at high prices. Half the time you watch a 20-40 min. video, and don't even remember what was said in the beginning. Recalling it when you are with your horse is difficult... AND...Oftentimes they offer NO additional support or resources! Not good! 
So, if you’ve tried to learn how to get amazing results with your horse using ordinary outdated training methods and techniques in the past and failed...
— I’m here to tell you, it’s NOT your fault! 
If you think you can’t be an amazing rider and trainer, I want to put those concerns to rest!
You can do it! There is a different way to learn!
You can master these skills and use them like never before… You just need the Right People, with the Right Tools, AND at the Right Time (when you are with your horse) to show you how…
Join Today! We Guarantee Your Results OR Your Money Back!! Click Here.
  • Why ordinary training oftentimes removes us from the thinking-feeling state necessary to connect with our bodies and our horses and what to do about it.
  • What you will discover in this one-of-a-kind training will allow you to reach your true riding potential.
  • A feel based approach causing you to truly center, both physically and mentally, tuning in to your own body as well as your horse’s

Exercises With Video, Audio Lessons, And PDF's

 ACCESS To All Archived Lessons!

PLUS 3 NEW monthly lessons.

Audio Lessons teach you to be your own trainer. Increase your power of observation, knowledge, and key you into what to focus on when you are with your horse.

Suggestions and tips to increase level of difficulty included in the lessons. 

Video and Supporting Material

Short videos that go along with the audio, giving you a visual reference. 

Printouts, to take to the barn to better your understanding of key concepts.


1. Watch the Video
2. Take Your Printout To The Barn
3. Pop In You Earbuds And Ride



The Library has many more videos, audio, and supporting content, organized by subject matter. (it is like a course!)

The Library has a wide variety and types (video, audio, printout) of lessons in the library, past months lessons will also be archived here.


  • Behavior and Training
  • Patterns and Exercises
  • Ground School
  • Horse Warmup
  • Rider Warm-up and Yoga type exercises
  • Rider Position
  • Around the Barn

Live Group Coaching AND Online Community


Live Online Group Coaching Sessions + All Recordings! 

Monthly live chat with Paula, answering questions, offering guidance, and troubleshooting training problems you may be having. Send a video in for help!

A place to come together in a community of positive, friendly, uplifting, educational, instructional and encouraging posts.

Bringing together all disciplines and levels of riders. Helping one another to spread good riding habits and learn from each other so that we can be better stewards of our horses.

What Are Others Saying?


“This is outstanding! I tried these lessons while riding my Half-Arabian Pony cross mare, and it made a huge difference. She is a very smart, but hot horse. The calming effects happened right away. I will definitely be using this as often as I can. Thank you for making a difference in my attitude towards bonded horsemanship!”


“I LOVE these lessons. It is awesome to be able to have a focus and a direction while I ride, just as if you were right there instructing me! I like the videos as well just to see it while someone else is doing the exercise. It really brings it all together! I can't believe no one has thought of this before. I am looking forward to more of these lessons!”


“I’m enjoying the awareness, communication, and relaxation these lessons are providing which is improving my horses performance! I love the Ride Playfully slogan which reminds me to always make it fun for both of us.”


“WOW, What a GREAT IDEA! Really like these Audio lessons!!! I think so many people struggle with what to work on outside their lessons. Well.. HERE YOU GO. Plug in your earbuds and go ride! Perfect solution. I thought they were super easy to listen to, to learn from and apply! They also held my attention, and were the perfect length of time. I know I can be bored easily and these really held my attention and kept me engaged. Again super idea and GREAT FOR EVERYONE!!!!”


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Do Away With Unproductive, Uninspired Rides... End The Mindless Circles, Never Ending Repetition, & Daily Drudgery For You and Your Poor Horse...

Reset Your Journey With

Immediately Actionable Step By Step Lessons That Propel You To The Next Level!

Be Motivated and Inspired as You Listen As You Ride!

With A Coach On Your Shoulder You Can Achieve The Once Unachievable!

Audio Lessons For Equestrians... Helping YOU Make Every Ride Great!

We believe in challenging the status quo. 

By thinking differently. 
Observing and Understanding the Horse. 

We Challenge YOU to be your own trainer. 
Become a student of the horse. 

Audio Lessons to listen to while you are with your horse.
Keying you into what to look and feel for.
BE the BEST YOU For Your Horse!
Your Horse Deserves It!
 Audio Lessons For Equestrians

Empowering YOU to Achieve More



Frequently Asked Questions

Audio Lessons

Two new monthly focus lessons. (we go through these lessons as a group) Each lesson is an audio lesson (with supporting video, and a printout).

One additional monthly audio lesson focusing on rider exercises OR horse warm-up.

That is 3 New Monthly Lessons, each Month!

We know the relevant information that will get you the best results. We present it in a way you can use it NOW, lessons can be tailored to a variety of skill levels.

Suggestions and tips to increase level of difficulty included in the lessons.  

Lesson Library

Printouts, to take to the barn to better your understanding of key concepts.

Lessons are easily accessed in the library, organized by subject matter. Library has a search function as well.  We keep it simple so you can spend more time with your horse.The Library will be continually added to so check back often. This means new content in addition to the Focus lessons! Previous months lessons will be archived here.

The Library will be continually added to so check back often.

  • Ground School
  • Horse Warm-up
  • Behavior and Training
  • Patterns and Exercises
  • Rider Warm-up and Yoga type exercises
  • Rider Position
  • Around the Barn

Online Community and Monthly Live Q&A With Paula

Monthly live chats with Paula, covering questions, offering guidance, and troubleshooting training problems you may be having.

A place to come together in a community of positive, friendly, uplifting, educational, instructional and encouraging posts.

We will all be working on the focus lessons together, we can talk about our challenges, successes, and Ah-ha moments! Celebrating our growing partnership with our horse.

Bringing together all disciplines and levels of riders. Helping one another to spread good riding habits and learn from each other so that we can be better stewards of horses.

No, it is more like a magazine subscription, three new lessons are released monthly.

The library has archived material, as well as other lessons, organized in one place in a very easy to access manner.

It has the similar feel of a course with topics organized by subject in the library. 

The price is much less than online courses, and you get to pick the lessons that mean the most to you and your horse right now. 

3 new lessons are released monthly, with additional material added to the library each month.

Yes!!  They will provide you structure and guidance in between lessons.  

As an instructor, there is a endless laundry list of things to work on with your students, and to cover them in a lesson or two a week is not possible.

Your instructor will appreciate it! Audio lessons fill in the blanks, they supplement a good lesson program allowing your instructor to focus on the key areas they see need addressing. Giving you a well rounded education.

You instructor will be grateful that you are coming to lessons with a greater knowledge, and preparation.

Audio lessons are unique in the respect that they; Teach the what, the why and the how. They give you visualizations, teach you greater awareness, & encourage you to "observe, remember, and compare."

  • Teach you to use feel and your own power of observation. You will be amazed at how much you will learn about yourself and your horse when applying these lessons!
  • Teaches you about the philosophies behind the training.
  • Empower you to become more aware and use a variety of techniques to find the best one for you and your horse.
  • We help you develop your eye and understanding, so you do not need to rely on others.

For those that learn better by visual learning we give you printouts and videos to complement the audios.  PLUS you have full access to a library of videos.


We will also get to connect in the comments, and at the monthly live question and answer.  Where you can get answers and troubleshoot problems. We will all be going through the lessons together, so you will feel supported by a community as we work on the lessons as a group.

Audio lessons allow you to get more done in a shorter amount of time because you can listen to the lesson as you are working with your horse.
Many people get frustrated spending an hour watching a training video and then going out and applying the techniques. Audio lessons help resolve that, and the videos that go along with the lesson are short. So you can spend your time with your horse!

If you have a busy month and are not able to get to the focus lessons, no worries, just visit the library when you have a chance and the lessons will be there waiting for you!

Audio lessons can be listened to in the car, on a trail ride, in the arena, at the show.

You can cancel your membership at any time. 

English/Western...Beginner/Advanced....  These lessons work for all skill levels and disciplines. 

Horses are horses, so the concepts of good training and horsemanship apply regardless of the tack you wear. 

The principles of riding in balance, and effective use of the aids are not discipline specific.

The lessons are taught in a way where you can increase the level of difficulty as you progress.  Suggestions are made to take the lesson to the next level, as you are challenged to increase your level of skill and mastery.

Take A Tour!


More About Paula and Jack 
"Helping People Understand Horses"

For the last 23 years Jack and Paula Curtis have been helping horses and their owners reach new heights.


Paula Curtis wants her students to have fun and be creative in their riding. “I teach because I want riders to feel what is truly possible. If you can learn more about your horse, what motivates him and makes him interested in what you have to offer, then you can train effectively.” “Riding is about; feel, communication and partnership. Riders need to think from the horses perspective, and work with the horses mind.” says Paula.

If you work with the horses mind, the body follows. Paula’s concepts apply across disciplines 

Her goal in teaching an understanding of the horse, is to get her students thinking and problem solving on their own. Then they are able to troubleshoot problems as they arise.

She has coached students in multiple disciplines including western events, eventing, dressage, hunters, jumpers, gymkhana, etc… Her students have gone on to compete successfully, locally, regionally and nationally.

Jack Curtis combines the best of quality horsemanship, classical dressage, and centered riding principles, to advance horses and their partners to new heights. 

Growing up in southeast WI, he was starting horses under saddle for local breeders by the age of 14. He worked with a variety of breeds, hot bloods, cold bloods and everything in between. He has shown Jumpers, Dressage, and worked on a cattle ranch, starting colts for their cold starting company.  Through this work, he gained an appreciation for the different disciplines, and each horses individuality and uniqueness.

For the last 23 years Jack has given lessons, clinics and demonstrations throughout the US. Let Jack help you expand your horsemanship in a more meaningful way for both horse and human.

Jack and Paula Curtis have been teaching and training their entire professional lives. They own and operate a boarding and training farm just outside of Milwaukee, WI where they live with their two young children.



About The Program

Your Path To Success!

Each Exercise is Organized in a Way to Keep Your Path To Success In Mind
  1. Goal~ A goal for each individual lesson, and your overall goals as a horse-person.
  2. Understanding~ Learning the Theories behind each lesson and Theories that pertain to your goals overall.
  3. Tools and Techniques~ Each lesson will incorporate one or both of these, as you progress in your lessons your overall “toolbox” will grow helping you reaching your biggest goals!
  4. Refine and Integrate~ As you apply your new knowledge you will begin to integrate it into yourself, you will not have to think about it as much, it will be a part of who you are and what you do.
  5. Master~ You work through refining and integrating until you are comfortable with your level of mastery of that particular lesson. As you move forward in your journey to becoming a better horse-person, your overall level of mastery in your horsemanship will improve. You have reached your original goal, and now you have a new goal taking you to the next level!!!

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Two Coaches for the Price of 1/2

Jack and Paula Curtis

When you register you will get full access to the ever expanding library, which has audio lessons, video lessons, and printouts.  Check the library often as we will be adding new content regularly.

When you think about how much you spend on supplements, new equipment, feed, blankets, tack, etc... None of which improve your partnership with your horse, your abilities and knowledge. The cost of this is miniscule. Just over a dollar a day.

You don't even need to spend extra time watching, and learning. You can just do the audio portion in the time you are with your horse.  Make this time a meaningful time! Use the audio lessons to help you develop your relationship and take it to the next level. The fact that you can implement the techniques in the moment is priceless.

How about two coaches for the price of one... Both looking to help horses and people in the same way, but offering it slightly differently. Jack and Paula have been working together since 1994, and have the same philosophies, but explain it in different terminology. Two for the price of 1/2. It does not get much better than this!!

Try it for a month. Cancel if it is not for you. You will never know if you don't try. Take that first step. Make the commitment to your horse and towards a better partnership. YOUR HORSE DESERVES IT! A small monetary investment in your future, a large investment in your overall commitment to being a better steward of your horse!


Felix Says Don't Just Sit There!



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Audio Lessons Are Kinda Cool!! Give Our Sample Package a Try!

Audio Lessons For Equestrians
Revolutionize Your Ride!

Meet Jack and Paula Curtis Your Instructors

Paula and Jack have worked together as a team making horses lives better and showing their owners the potential for greatness.
"I teach because I want riders to feel what is truly possible. Riding is about Feel, Communication and Partnership."


3 New Exercises Monthly
BONUS ~ Expanding Video Training Library
Monthly Troubleshooting Live Chats

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